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Catching Butterflies
Discord (yes) plz squee!! Cuteness! Look at discord's face, it's so cute! XD
I adored this episode! It was a little slow for the first half.. but the second half. I can't even. *dies* I think I've fainted. 
It just perfectly described why I love the relationship between Discord and Fluttershy so much! They are completely different yet they work together so well (as friends, and probably could work as even more if you want wink grin  but that's up to you to decide lol).  They love each other for their differences, and don't care what other ponies think of them.  To me, they have one of the best and most interesting bonds in the whole show.  They didn't have a perfect start as friends, and they went through some obstacles together, but that is what makes for a realistic and more complex relationship.  Something you wouldn't expect from most children's shows.
That's why I don't really understand it when people ship things like celestiacord. Their (non-existent lol) relationship just doesn't even come close to the bond that these two share.  I mean I guess people ship that because they like to speculate that they had a past relationship.  Yeah I get that, But now.. yup sorry they got nothin XD. But hey, I'm not trying shoot down anyone's ship.  I don't judge, I'm chill Sunglasses are good  you can ship whatever you like!

And the next episode. omg it was amaze.  I really need to watch it again though, cuz unfortunately I watched it on a plane so it was very noisy and I was like.. probably half asleep when I watched it XD

Anyways!! That's enough rambling from me! Sometimes I need to though because I don't talk much in the day but I always have a lot on my mind :hyper: 

Hope you guys are doing great and enjoying summer!
EG Starlight Glimmer
ahh I still love Starlight's EG form so much! And I think that this drawing is a big improvement in comparison to my first drawing of her.
And yeah, I totally didn't just awkwardly cut off her hands because I cant draw them hehhehehe...

Anyways, I watched the EG specials and uhhh... they weren't great.  But I've never really been a fan of the EG movies so I wasn't expecting them to be.
Not gonna spoil anything for those who haven't seen them, but I'll just say that the first two were alright, just kinda cute and light hearted.  The second one was a little boring though and involved a very predictable mystery.  But the last one was definitely the worst in my opinion.. sure it was cute to see Starlight and Sunset meet but everything else about it just really bugged me XD Like it felt like they just tried to cram all of the EG movies into one 20min episode.  And by the end Starlight pretty much just turned into Twilight, and there were some things that were never explained, and several other things that bugged me CURSE YOU! 
Maud X Starlight Next Gen
Hmm not sure why I drew this, I don't even ship Maud and Starlight XD
But I thought it might be fun to design a new original character Emoticon - Maud Bedroom Eyes   I couldn't really think of a name for her.. any suggestions?
Flight Camp Buddies
Windy and.. uhh whats her name?  They never did give Fluttershy's mother a name did they?
Anyways, this was just a cute little idea I had that maybe Rainbow and Fluttershy's moms grew up as friends ^^


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DolphinWaveX Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! Can ya possibly be the Art director For my Audio Drama, Reversed?? Your art is truly stunning!! Here is all the youtube vids and other stuff about it; (sorry, i just put together anything really!)

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Bullet; Green JOURNALS REV RELATEDBullet; Green 
Bullet; Green Looking For Art Director for Rev!!!!!!!!

Hopefully that's enough information! I will add more if it comes!!
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sugashx Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! Would you be up for an art trade? You're art is really stunning!
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Pupcake1001 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey can we do an art trade??
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kitkatyj Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I'm really impressed!
A PMV creator that does voice acting and does amazing art?
That's talent!
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QueenFireSugar Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gurl u should do commissions coz I would totally give u points
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humanstallion97 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Student Filmographer
Cheers for the watch dawg, stay frosty
Vaalkaaren Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so very much for the fav! I really appreciate it :iconhappygrinneplz:

I hope you have a lovely day! Keep up the great work! :heart:
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Hello![i]: free cactus bun icon Thank you for the fav*Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart)
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Thank you for the fave~! <3
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Your art is amazing! You deserve more followers!
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